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The Management of PT. Lumintuna Marine Service consider that continued growth & healthy development of the companya��s business is dependent on the quality of service & product which the company provides to ita��s customers.

Consequently, it is the objective of PT. Lumintuna Marine Service that every effort will be made in the conduct of the operations, to ensure that the highest quality standards are maintained at all times, particularly with regard to:

  1. Meeting clienta��s specifications, standards & expectations.
  2. Ensuring compliance with existing legislation, accepted codes of practice & international standards applicable to our industry.
  3. Health, Safety and the Environment

It is the policy of PT. Lumintuna Marine Service that:

  • All personnel working within the company shall be made aware of the quality policy & encouraged by good management & training to adopt the standards.
  • The quality manual, procedures & work institutions shall be widely available for employees to read & follow.
  • Responsibility for implementation of the quality policy rests with the line management & emanates directly from the director of the company.
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  • All personnel, at whatever level they are employed in the company, have an equal & continuous responsibility for maintaining quality standards.