Management of PT Lumintuna Marine Service is committed to ensuring that all the company operations are conducted in a manner to protect and preserve the environment.

Management of PT Lumintuna Marine Service is compelled to achieve the highest environmental performance standards. The objective of this policy is that through pro-active measures by management and regular assessment we will secure full preservation of the environment.

This will be achieved through :

  • Learning Culture

PT Lumintuna Marine Service encourages all employees to provide ideas and contributions, as it believe that the personal and organizational growth shall be achieved through education, training and shared experience.

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  • Risk Management

PT Lumintuna Marine Service operate efficiently in an environmentally conscious manner. Company believes that through the proactive assessing, managing, controlling, identification of risk and environmental issue, the probability of harm to environment will be minimized.

All individuals of PT Lumintuna Marine Service are responsible for the preservation of the environment, while conducting the operations by following the companies environmental policy.

  • Accountability

PT Lumintuna Marine Service management is accountable for the results and achievements of the teams and the people. All managers are accountable for providing sufficient resources to ensure the program is successfully achieved.

PT Lumintuna Marine Service will maintain a consistent approach for conservation of resources and environment. The company is committed to follow and obey the A´┐Żapplicable National & International Laws, Regulations, Standards and codes of Practice throughout all its operations.

All PT Lumintuna Marine Service employees are encouraged to have commitment to this policy and respect for the environment