Health Policy

It is the underlying philosophy of PT Lumintuna Marine Service to implement and maintain appropriate health, safety and welfare regulations for all its operations, in such a manner that the health, safety and welfare of all its employees is ensured at all times. In achieving and maintaining a high degree of health, safety and welfare in the work place, PT Lumintuna Marine Service undertakes to adhere to the following policy:
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  • To ensure health, safety and welfare of all its employees.
  • To provide adequate and suitable information, training and supervision and to encourage proposals from its employees on how to improve and maintain a high standard of safety and welfare within the company.
  • To ensure that all equipment supplied by the company is suitable for the task intended and pertinent instruction and qualified operators, where appropriate, are provided.
  • To ensure at all times, that all employees wear appropriate personnel protective safety dress.
  • To identify special hazards and to take immediate and appropriate precautions in order to maintain conditions conducive to safe working environment through the establishment of a safety management plan and job safety analysis for PT Lumintuna Marine Service work task.
  • To establish the causes of accident and hazards with the company and to implement practical remedial measures to prevent their recurrence.
  • To maintain a HSE department within the company charged with the responsibility of implementing the safety policy in such a way as to facilitate the health, safety and welfare of all its employees.


To achieve this policy, PT Lumintuna Marine Service recognizes the valuable and important role played by its employees and insists that all employees (as well as subcontractors) cooperate by adhering to the following:

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  • Follow all written and verbal work instructions at all times.
  • Report all unsafe work conditions, potential hazards, near misses, accidents, and incidents immediately.
  • Maintain a duty of care for the health, safety and welfare of all fellow employees.

PT Lumintuna Marine Service has set the following objectives to achieve fulfillment of our safety policies:

  • To give occupational health and safety considerations equal status to other primary business objectives.
  • To provide operational facilities designed to minimize risk and to develop safe working practices to ensure that hazards to personnel are minimized.
  • That no work commences without confirmation that essential safety systems are in the place and that is safety would compromise, operations are to be suspended.
  • To audit and continually improve occupational health and safety standards and procedures.
  • To have all personnel recognize their responsibility to identify and eliminate hazards and to prevent injury to themselves and others.
  • To promote a pro-active approach to health and safety and encourage all personnel to participate actively in development of its occupational health and safety programs.
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  • To provide adequate levels of healthcare and rehabilitation for all personnel.
  • That its sub-contractors and third parties clearly understand and adhere to PT Lumintuna Marine Service Contractors occupational health and safety policies and standards and, where necessary, assist them in achieving this.

Responsibilities for implementation of these objectives rest with the CV. Antasena Ocean Services management team.

Drugs And Alcohol Policy

PT Lumintuna Marine Service believes that the consumption of alcohol or illicit drugs at the work site has the potential to:

  • Cause death or injury to personnel.
  • Cause damage or loss of assets.
  • Compromise the effectiveness of the safe working culture & safety management controls.

For this reason, the consumption of alcohol & illicit drugs in the work site will not be tolerated.

All PT Lumintuna Marine Service personnel, its customers & sub contractors are prohibited from possession and consuming illicit drugs or alcohol at work site.

PT Lumintuna Marine Service personnel found in possession or use of alcohol or illicit drugs at any PT Lumintuna Marine Service work site will face disciplinary action including potential dismissal.

All PT Lumintuna Marine Service Management & supervision shall ensure that this policy is properly explained to customers, sub contractors & subordinates.

PT Lumintuna Marine Service reserves the right to search personnel baggage at the work site at any time in the search for illicit drugs and/or alcohol.